Who Are We

"We are a dynamic team that speaks the same language as the industry."

We are an experienced team who have worked in the kitchens of Turkey's and the world's most important luxury jewelry brands since 2003, and have worked in stock management, production management, purchasing and sales management, merchandising and business development departments. We are a dynamic team that SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AS THE SECTOR and have had the chance to experience almost all the mistakes that can be made and all the needs that may be encountered in this sector, which is enjoyable in every field and has many important fine details in every field.

We have collected more than 20 years of experience in Risqout software in order to eliminate the lack of a software that can meet the sector-specific requirements encountered especially in the management of the luxury and jewelry world and to adapt the technological developments, whose importance has increased exponentially with the pandemic process, to the sector.

Risqout, which is used by many jewelry brands today and whose usage network is growing rapidly, is not only a user-friendly and comprehensive application, but also a solution partner that aims to produce maximum benefit by providing in-company training, reporting and consultancy services.

Who Are We
Our Vision
To create a leading brand by providing companies with the most reliable, most innovative and most user-friendly software service.
Our Mission
To help companies in the sector we have been serving for years go digital and to help all departments minimize errors and maximize their potential and work speed.