Manage your workflow effectively, quickly and easily with Risqout, thanks to its customizable and user-oriented interface.


Risqout is designed to meet the needs of all processes of the jewelry industry, which has its own dynamics, workflow and calculations.


In the business world, where efficient use of time has become the most important asset, access up-to-date data at any time via your mobile devices with Risqout, and get one step ahead with instant control and fast process management.


Risqout software, managed by a team with deep experience in the jewelry industry, offers pinpoint solutions in the business world where digital needs have a wide range.


With Risqout, easily manage all stages of your business processes such as CRM, inventory, sales, production and finance from a single platform, without having to use more than one software.


Reduce your costs with Risqout digital assistant service. Receive notifications, reminders, error-free and effective reports at the right time via e-mail and message.

Risqout, your new management style...

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About Us

Who Are We

We are an experienced team that has worked in the kitchens of Turkey's and the world's most important luxury jewelry brands since 2003, and has worked in stock management, production management, purchasing and sales management, merchandising and business development departments. We are a dynamic team that has had the chance to experience almost all the mistakes that can be made and all the needs that can be encountered in this sector, which is enjoyable in every field and has many important fine details in every field, and SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE OF THE SECTOR.
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Sales Management
It allows you to instantly track all sales, returns, prices and discounts of stores.
Stock Management
It facilitates correct stock management and allows you to take precautions against demands.
Production and Supply Process Management
Instant tracking of orders received or given to suppliers.
Cost Management
Detailed cost analyzes related to the field of activity.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer information active database.
Detailed Reports
All reporting that may be needed to manage businesses more profitably, healthily and completely.
Accounting and Finance Transactions
Recording of all financial transactions.
Product Label and Barcode Transactions
Existing or new labeling processes so that all movements of the products can be tracked digitally.
Want to see Risqout in action?

Want to see Risqout in action?

Its difference from other applications is that it is a program that focuses specifically on the workflow and needs of all departments in the jewelry industry and aims to help employees work more efficiently, quickly and error-free.
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