Manage your business easily with Risqout

We combine all processes, from production processes to stock management, from customer relations management to cash flow, on a single platform.

Our Vision;

To be a world brand that is the pioneer of innovative and technological changes.

Our Mission;

To help companies that have difficulties in digitalization to meet the new world by supporting them.

Manage the entire process from a single administration panel

You can manage your process in full compatibility from mobile phone and tablet without having to be connected to a computer.


With our 20 years of industry experience, we are with you whenever you need…

We believe that you can manage your business more easily with digitalization. You can manage all your business processes with Risqout without the need for another application and use your time more effectively.

The Claris FileMaker 2023 platform allows you to build, deploy, and manage the highest performing and reliable operational apps that scale with your business. Boost the performance of your custom apps, increase scalability with more hosting capacity for users and files, and protect your data with updated security protocols.

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